What Do I Need To Be Interior Design?

The first thing that you are going to need if you want to be an interior designer is the passion for it. You must ask yourself is whether or not designing homes and/or properties is something that you could feel passionate about. To find out ask, yourself these questions.

- Do you constantly rearrange the furniture in your own home?

- Do you often have ideas about friends and families homes, and what would make them look better?

- Are you finding that people often ask your opinion about their own homes, and what you think may make it look better?

- Do you like planning the rearrangement of your home before you do it?

- When decorating your own home, do you find yourself wondering how best to incorporate colors into your space?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, than you already have the passion to become an interior designer. These questions merely touched on the very thing that drew you to this book in the first place. It just helped you realize that you were right in doing so.

The second thing that may need to become an interior designer is the interest. This basically explores whether or not your actual interest is genuine. Many people consider a great many careers before they develop a genuine interest in choosing one. We know that you have the passion, but does that passion mean that you have enough interest to follow through? I have some more questions for you to answer if you really want to know if the interest is really there for you.

- Do you feel the need to learn how best to coordinate the colors in your room before you seek to change them?

- Do you seek outside advice from professionals on how best to accent a particular object or color?

- Do you seek to know the history behind a particular style of d├ęcor when you notice one?

- Do you find yourself wondering what sort of planning went in to the creation of a glorious room you’ve been in?

- Would you prefer to read a design magazine above any other? (Modern Living, or Country Style Home)

- Do you think that Martha Stewart is nothing compared to you?

Again, a yes answer to any of these questions means a yes to your interest. But there is another aspect of interior design that must be covered. You may wish to be a certified interior designer. If that is the case, you will need to get a formal education in this field.

  © Mirza Rais 2008

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